Important FAQ

Take a look at some frequently asked questions.

You can start with as little as $10 and encrease over time.

Regardless of your investment plan, you earn 1% of your investment on daily basis for 300 days.

The minimum daily withdrawal is $20 and the Maximum daily withdrawal is $500,000

Yes. you can invest into multiple plans or even the same plan multiple times.

Absolutely yes. You earn a juicy 15% direct commission on anyone you refer which can instantly be withdrawable into your personal crypto wallet. This does not stop there, you also earn 2% on every single person your downline refer on your 2rd level.

The answer is No. You can make over 20,000% from Referral commission and that has nothing to do with your Investment earnings.

Your plan automatically get expired after you have earned 300% of your investment. You can renew your plan after 300%.

You can invest/withdraw using our most convenient global currencies such as: Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Tron coin

Withdrawals can be placed from Monday to Friday at 10am to 4pm (GMT +1). Once you place a withdrawal request, it might take 10mins to 48 working hours for your funds to reflect inside your wallet. If you want a fast transaction, we highly recommend you to submit your Tron or BNB wallet.

Get your registration link from the person who told you about Tafundz, register and click on invest/deposit, select your investment plan and choose your preferred currency to make payment, make payment and your wait for it patienly to reflect on your dashdoard. Once it reflects,click on invest and thats all. You will start earning immedietely.